Valerie Bundy has been an actor for over 20 years. Her feature film credits include A Little In Tents and The Most Unromantic Man in The World which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was shown on Channel 4. Commercials include Debt Matters, Fruit-tella and Matalan/Sky Cinema. Theatre credits include Lady Macbeth, Jax in Chasing Rainbows, and Claire in Eating Out which was nominated for an MEN Theatre Award.


Manchester Youth Theatre

Fruittella Commercial

Fully House Trained

Eating Out


Seeds of Doubt

MEN Theatre Awards

A Little In tents

Love Is...


Treasure Island



EATING OUT  Bolton Octagon Studio

"Particular kudos must go to Valerie Bundy, whose Claire is an absolute joy and an audience favourite"  - Views, Reviews and News

"This woman is made for comedy!"  - UK Theatre Network


"Valerie Bundy shows good comic delivery whilst remaining credible as a woman whose life is falling apart, a tough balance to create"   - Salford Online

FULLY HOUSE TRAINED  24:7 Theatre Festival

"Director Aiobheann Kelly has recruited a host of experienced actors including that peerless comedienne and mistress of deadpan Valerie Bundy"  - UK Theatre Network

TREASURE ISLAND  Marina Theatre & Tour

"Valerie Bundy is excellent as Jim Hawkins conveying a wide-eyed childish awe which was a clear hit"   - The Stage

Photographs by Gilly Read, Chad Hind, Paula McNamara, Black Cat Theatre Company, Jeff Ma, Lysander Yuen, Lewis Coates. Special thanks to Michael Pollard and Rebecca Stephenson.