Valerie Bundy trained in Media at the WFA where her final jointly-made documentary about a Kosovan Albanian family in Manchester was picked up by the BBC and made into a Fiona Bruce special. Valerie went on to do a Short Film Directing course at London Film Academy and now specialises in comedy.


Valerie's short film premiered at the

St Albans Film Festival.

Six women speak candidly about the one thing they have in common.

It has a beard.


Valerie pitched an idea for a feature film at a BFI event and was subsequently encouraged to write it by the panelists including the late great Nik Powell. After the finished script made the quarter final of the prestigious Austin Screenplay Contest in America, Valerie directed a concept trailer for the film.

Birkenhead Bandits follows a group of friends who embark on a non-violent crime spree, acting as modern-day Robin Hoods.


Starring Paul Holliday, Rachel Hartley, Connor Williams, Michael Peace & Robert Temple. Camera: Daniel Wilson Sound: Conor McLoughlin Editors: Will Simpson, Conor McLoughlin 1st AD: James Connolly Exec Producer: Stephen Brunt. Thanks to Liverpool John Moores University.

Assistant Director

Valerie on set of the short film Beast of Burden directed by Chris Deakin, which is currently on the Festival circuit

Photographs by jallcockfox Photography


Valerie Co-Produced the sketch Who's Next for Comedian and Actor Paul Holliday

Valerie is currently in pre-production on her own short film 'WWJD' which is being produced with Polari Creative and filmed in Winter 2021